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Yul Edochie makes reference to his situation as to that of king david in the Bible – Polygamy


Nollywood chief, maker and entertainer, Yul Edochie has compared himself to Ruler David in the Holy book who had many spouses regardless pulled in the endowments of God.

Yul in a long text shared on Instagram portrayed that wedding a subsequent spouse has carried numerous endowments to his family and raised his two wives, including his fame.

Explaini9ng how God functions in puzzling ways, Yul stated “God works in strange ways
Wedding a second spouse has brought me favors and furthermore raised my two exquisite wives.
Once in a while it takes the things we witness as frustrations to for rise to come.

“It happened commonly in the good book, very much like the instance of Joseph.
I’m a man after God’s heart.

“I’m similar to Ruler David in the holy book.
I speak with my God and He directs me consistently.
I violated my significant other May from the manner in which I went about it, and I have apologized to her genuinely sincerely, yet according to God things are unique.

“God favors in an unexpected way. His methodologies are not our methodologies. Our predeterminations are unique.
Try not to be misled by the white man’s way of life.

“Same White individuals that sentence polygamy are empowering men to wed their kindred men.

“Eventually, judgment is for God. Indeed, even white individuals don’t comprehend God completely.
No one does, in fact. That is the reason He remains God.

“Numerous extraordinary men in the book of scriptures had one spouse, numerous extraordinary men in a similar book of scriptures likewise had more than one wife.

“What’s more, assuming that is your fate God will hoist you and raise all that concerns you through it.

“My better half May just marked her most memorable underwriting bargain.
Something that never happened such a long time. Furthermore, this came from what many saw as a mistake.

“I have understood that God’s methodologies are unique. A lot more arrangements will in any case come to her cos she’s a great individual.

“My better half Judy is as well. She has likewise been raised. Presently commonly known, her profession is greater with a ton going for her too.

“Let me not even discussion about myself. My fame has significantly increased. My name is being referenced in places it never got to. My kids are honored.

“Outline: The methods of God are unique. Our predeterminations are not something similar.
You may not comprehend another man’s predetermination and that is on the grounds that you shouldn’t, with the exception of your own.

“Assuming that God gives you more than one spouse it will accompany favors and rise.
Run your race and put God first in all you do. He addresses every one of us in an unexpected way.
Love and Harmony to every one of us.”

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