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You’re Enemies Of Your People If You Participate In 2023 Elections—Secession Agitators Tell Southern, Middle Belt Politicians


The Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) has approached Nigerian lawmakers in the South and Middle Belt of the country not to partake in the 2023 general decisions.

NINAS expressed that any endeavor by political pioneers from the districts to take part in the impending races would be commensurate to functioning as the adversaries of their native people groups abused by the current government.

The gathering uncovered this during the World Press Conference on Saturday, labeled: ‘Established power majeure – enacting individuals’ force’.

While conveying the discourse, Otunba Sade Odukoya of the Ilana Omo Oodua, said the political class from the districts ought not force the majority into casting a ballot under the current 1999 constitution of Nigeria.

She blamed the political pioneers for their inability to respect the solicitation of the NINAS for interviews with individuals having allowed them 30 days.

“As Nigeria keeps on wobbling in the pains of what appears to be its certain end as one political association, we invite you energetically to this vital achievement painstakingly modified headway of the destinations of the December 16, 2021, Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of a power question emerging from grave sacred complaints of the constituent parts of Nigeria that must currently be tended to by the administrators of the Nigerian state,” she began.

Odukoya expressed further that Nigerian legislators in the two locales bombed in effectively considering the recommendations presented by the gathering, “notwithstanding excited endeavors by specialists of the Federal Government of Nigeria to race to the National Assembly for changes to the false 1999 constitution on arrangements contacting endless supply of the grave sacred complaints brought up in the association question announcement of December 16, 2020.

“It is in such manner that NINAS is presently illuminating the political dealers regarding the South and Middle-Belt across every one of the ideological groups in Nigeria, that any choice by them or their ideological groups to go to another round of public decisions in 2023 will be deciphered as an unmistakable disapproved of decision to help the adversary protect 1999 constitution and this will mean undermining the self-recovery activity of their own kin and the collusion.

“NINAS unequivocally prompts the ideological groups and political dealers in the collusion regions not to put themselves on a head-impact with the people groups of the regions as they continued looking for self-safeguarding by means of Self-Determination.”


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