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Work Friendly Make-Up Ronke Raji shows us how to beat our face for 9-5


Every woman wants to go to the office with her best face forward. We often send a lot of much money and time on makeup products that we need an opportunity to show it off right? Well, perhaps not. When it comes to the office, less can definitely be more and beauty Youtuber Ronke Raji shows us exactly how to nail the look.

Keep it simple, yet polished. Stick to neutrall, you may want to leave the red lips and talon nails for the weekend as it can prove to be rather distracting in certain professions, particularly conservative ones like banking.

However, neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Keep your brows groomed with a fuller, more natural brow that works with your facial features.

Don’t overdo it with cakey foundation , you don’t want to be too dewy or too matte. Try a lightweight foundation or for even easier and faster application, a buildable powder, works well to even out the skin.

Look alert and ready to handle any task that comes your way with a brightening blush in a coral tone for darker skin,  two coats of mascara and liner on the eyes and finish with a neutral gloss on the lips.

Take a look at Ronke’s video below and see if you can’t revamp you work look today!


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