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Woman thought to have entered lagoon is alive but disappointed


Third Mainland Bridge Suicide: Woman thought to have entered lagoon is alive but disappointed

On social media, rumours concerning the death of a woman identified as Toyin had grabbed the attention of patrons who noted the report as one in a growing list of self-slaughter recorded on the busy highway.

Third Mainland Bridge Suicide: Woman thought to have entered lagoon is alive but disappointed_1
Inset: A fisherman paddles a canoe across the Lagos lagoon.


But a footage refuting the report suggests that they were misinformed.

“Hello everyone. My name is Boladale, I am a mother of three.

“I have lived in the UK for the past thirty years. In the early hours of yesterday, some of my pictures were sent viral.

“It was alleged I drove a truck to the Third Mainland Bridge and jumped into the lagoon.

“The pictures were sent to me by a friend. Later on, I received several calls from family, friends and associates leaving me in a state of shock.

“My pictures were mixed with pictures of another woman linking me to the suicide,” the clip cuts as Boladale made to continue her message.

The look on her face may be easily confused as one struggling to withhold tears from flowing down her eyes.

According to many reports, the woman alleged to have killed herself made the jump on Sunday, June 10, 2018.

The deceased identified as Toyin is believed to be a resident of the United States of America.

She reportedly killed herself after her lover revealed details of an extra-marital affair they both participated in.

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Inset: A woman whose identity was mixed up with one believed to have committed suicide on the Third Mainland Bridge has made corrections concerning her well-being. (LIB)


Toyin is reportedly married with three kids but Naij gathered that not all the children belong to her husband.

A DNA test conducted by her husband may have provided proof needed according to a private source who spoke to the news outlet.

The trouble experienced by Toyin reportedly began when she arrested her lover who allegedly robbed her of a sum of N10 million.

“She’s US based, married with 3 kids. She lives in Texas. Her husband is Tunde who works or used to work with Access Bank in Lagos. She got involved with another guy in Nigeria and they both got involved in series of adulterous activities.

“Her lover, an older guy as well swindled or collected over N10m from her. She went to arrest him only for him to publish nude pictures of them together in order to prove his innocence to the police that whatever happened between both of them was consensual, that he’s not a fraudster as claimed by the married woman.

“The blackmail from the man got to her husband and this compelled the husband to conduct a DNA test on all his 3 children which later turned out that they are not all his kids after all.

“Those kids belong to someone else. On Saturday, 9th of June, 2018, the woman drove her truck to the bridge, parked her Ford SUV van on the 3rd Mainland Bridge and jumped inside the lagoon on a mission which is a resultant effect of the blackmail,” newsmen gathered from the source.


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