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‘Why Military Can’t Fight Bandits With Tucano Fighter Jets’


The Defense Headquarters has uncovered why the military can’t utilize the Super Tucano planes to battle desperados threatening the North West locale of the country.

It was accumulated that the military told the National Assembly the explanation the planes can’t be conveyed toward the North West is because of the arrangement endorsed with the United States Government.

As indicated by The PUNCH, the military said the US government let the Nigerian specialists know that the planes would be conveyed against psychological militants and not crooks.

The disclosure by the military moved the National Assembly to request that President Muhammadu Buhari assign scoundrels as psychological oppressors.

Addressing The PUNCH on Monday, an administrator said the military had not had the option to pulverize the criminals because of the conditions appended to the arrangement of the contender jets.

He said, “Let me come clean with you. We once asked the Armed Forces for what good reason they had not sent the Tucano in the battle against the desperados and one of the help bosses (name retained) let us know that their hands are bound because of the basic liberties guidelines with respect to the airplane.

“He let us know that the hardware is intended for the conflict against psychological oppressors and radicals and since these are crooks, they can’t be sent.

“He really let us know that once the desperados have been assigned as psychological oppressors, they would be cleared out. Remember that the desperados today are not quite the same as Boko Haram, taking a gander at their exercises and the gravity of assaults by them. Since the two offices of the National Assembly have required the revelation, we encourage the President to execute our goals.”

Review that the Federal Government has gotten the airplane from the United States and a sum of 64 pilots and maintainers from the Nigerian Air Force were prepared to the US guidelines with the US Air Force’s 81st Fighter Squadron at Moody Air Base in Georgia, United States.


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