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Why I Want Biafra & Why Nnamdi Kanu Remains An Idiot To You!


By Anthony Akabogu

●The Number One Investor In The ZOO Are All Biafrans.

●A typical ignorant Yoruba understands what South West benefits from the skewed structure & subjugation of the South East hence you will never see them support the total desolution of Nigeria, the Igbo fools who don’t get the message that Nnamdi Kanu is insisting upon will join their Yoruba monologues in talking nagatively against Kanu.


●For an Igbo to travel out of the country, you will have to first travel by road from say Enugu to Lagos which is 567 Kilometers or 352 Miles over 8 hours journey more than the flight between Lagos to London. We have lost countless Nigerians most especially Igbos who regularly being punished for being Igbo along those routes Enugu-Onitsha-Onitsha-Benin-Ore-Shagamu to Lagos road. We die more daily along those roads since 1970 to date, this is due to the deliberate subjugation of the South East, a complete economic blockade to make sure that an Igbo man a Biafran must be forced to head to Lagos & be domiciled there. They know that opening up the entire South Eastern Region, no single one of you Biafrans will have any Business in the South West or North, forget the diatribe of a deluded few who are quick to remind you that you are landlocked & as such that Biafrans can not fit into Biafra, these are mental games, subconsciously meant for deceit.

●You want to Import or export any item as a Biafran, you have no choice because with the help of Yoruba strangulation to maintaining the status quo, you only have one source of importing or exporting your goods in or out of Nigeria which is only through Lagos. A careful blocking of any sea port in Biafra land to making sure that all revenues & taxes are collected in Lagos, those who have enough brain should process all these and more why you need Buafra.

●Today, Igbos are developing every part of Lagos for you, those foolish Igbos who have no brain will continue to join you in mocking Nnamdi Kanu, some of you Igbo efulefus who always love to impress your Yoruba friends & the lazy Northerners on facebook have yet to notice that when a Yoruba or Hausa/Fulani wants to throw some mockery against the Igbo Nation, they do not single you out first as a good apple to their collective eyes, you too are a bunch of foolish Igbos & deserve to be mocked that is the way they see you. I urge you to borrow some crafty tribal sense from a typical Yoruba, they have it in abundance.

As the fight for the soul of our existence as Biafrans are neck deep in tribal intelligence which the Yoruba call “sophistication”, there is nothing sophisticated about being crude & utterly foolish thinking that you are sophisticated, you are not & very much so, the only problem here is that Biafrans allowed themselves to be devided until Nnamdi Kanu began awakening the consciousness of our people which our Yoruba landlords don’t like at all, see most of them daily throwing jabs with the exception of a few matured & intelligently exposed ones showing genuine empathy.

●That being said, we have come a long way to be picking holes to NK’s speech. Why we want Biafra needless to say that some of us are interested of the rubbish you have to write against this cause, our people are very focused now more than ever before, all that those of us older one would do is to use our experience & sufferings overs decades to educate our youths & semi adults on why Nigeria will never be good for our collective future as Biafrans.

Finally, the images here are just a message to all Biafrans; the need to completely put a stop in developing South West & the North because at some point, you will regret it big time, you will loose all these massive buildings to Yorubas most especially.

This magnificent Hotel, one of the best hotels in Nigeria was built by an Igbo and was opened late last year 2017 in Lagos, this is more taxes & more revenue to Lagos.These are a few reasons why you need Biafra

Imagine if you have Biafra today which you will, the collective pain, sweat, sufferings & subjugation of the entire old Eastern Region will cease, a much better life beckons, i see it coming & by the special grace of Chukwu okike abiama, it shall come in my remaining life time.

Nnamdi Kanu whether you hate him or love him is doing something good, not for his own interest but the interest of our people.

Remember that the cynics are deeply truamatised at the faint thinking of Biafra leaving Nigeria, they would do everything possible to force you to stay in this satanic country, they would want you to remain their slaves which they see you as today. If you leave and have your own country tomorrow, who will be paying the taxes and importation you do monthly, who will be building up everywhere in Nigeria and generating billions in IGR for them, they all know these and must make sure that you remain a slave.


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