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Why Clothes Should Fit


A lot of people have often wondered why clothes do not look good on them. The reason is not far-fetched-fit!  The fit of your clothes to a large extent, determines whether your outfit looks good or not. Fit is the most important aspect of style. You will never be a good dresser if you wear clothes that don’t fit correctly.

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Joselyn DumasEloho Aisien

If something doesn’t fit, then it never looks good, no matter how hot the style or how expensive the tag. Clothes should fit your current body size and not the one you aspire to have.

Never buy clothes in smaller sizes or too big sizes as ill-fitting clothes draw attention to your ugly sides.

You will never make the best dressed list if you wear clothes that don’t fit correctly.

Benefits of clothes that fit

  • It will complement your body
  • It will make you look and feel good
  • Your posture will look better
  • You will feel more confident



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