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WHAT WILL FALL ON THEM:A Shocking Prophecies Releases by a Pastor on Lai Mohammed, Amaechi, Lawan, Police IG


Messenger Paul Okikijesu of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry has delivered a few predictions he guaranteed God uncovered to him concerning the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan; Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed; Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, and acting Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba.

The priest in a proclamation on Monday said Mohammed should change his ways as God was hanging tight for his atonement, in any case the priest would turn into an “malicious story.”

Okikijesu additionally forecasted about Lawan, asking him not to permit outsiders to control the country in front of the “approaching emergency.”

He said, “Consequently says the Lord: People will force him [Lawan] to sign laws that can obliterate Nigeria and ruin the fate of the adolescents. He should be wary and devoted on the grounds that the approaching emergency will blast.

“Subsequently says the Lord: This is a delicate period; the Senate President should not permit the outsiders (hosts of hellfire) to control Nigeria, and put it in ceaseless subjugation.”

On the recently brightened Inspector-General of Police Usman Baba, Okikijesu said, “In this manner says the Lord: He will be fruitful, on the off chance that he tunes in to the voice of I, the Lord, more than that of people.

“The I.G. Baba will be eliminated in the event that he dismisses the voice of God. Along these lines says the Lord: If he dismisses the voice of the Lord, he will be taken out from office.

“He should utilize the astuteness of God to give security/insurance for the Nation, so his arrangement won’t be to harmed/hurt the blameless, and extra the mischievous/scalawags; in a way that will make him to be eliminated unexpectedly from the workplace.”

On Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammed, Okikijesu cautioned him to alter his way of life or “he will end up being an underhanded story.”

“In this way says the Lord: Inform the Minister of Information to atone, and go to I, the Lord; else his case will turn into an abhorrent story in Nigeria. He ought to use the astuteness of I, the Lord,” he added.

“He ought not permit anybody to push him to give a discourse that can hurt/hurt the country and ruin the fate of the young people. I, the Lord, is hanging tight for his contrition, and he should draw nearer to Me.”

Making further cases about the Minister of Transformation, Amaechi, the pastor said the previous Rivers State Governor will be sold out.

“Hence says the Lord: He ought to be pious during April and May 2021. Individuals he believed will deceive him.

“In this way says the Lord: He ought to be wary; a few group will be after his life, since they don’t need his reality any longer. The presence of Rotimi is burdening those individuals. He ought to implore against those after his life so he won’t bite the dust/fall unexpectedly,” he added.


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