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‘What President Buhari Needs To Do For Nigerians To Accept Him’- Omokri


Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan has said the only way Nigerians will accept President Muhammadu Buhari is when he reveals the nature of his illness.

Omokri, a staunch critic of Buhari’s government, however, congratulated the president on his return from the United Kingdom.

The former presidential aide further explained that being a critic of the president does not mean hatred for him but that every democratic government needs a political opposition.

Omkoti on his Twitter page wrote “I speak the truth about Buhari. No one can argue that he is not an ineffective leader who should go and God willing, will go in 2019. But he is first a human being. I felicitate with him as he returns from his medical trip to London and pray that his health continues to improve.

“If Buhari wants Nigerians to open their hand and vote for him, he should first open his mouth and tell us what is wrong with him. Why does he frequently reside in The UK when he should regularly preside in Abuja. That, and what he has achieved in 3 years is what we want to know.

“I am probably one of President @MBuhari’s most consistent critics, but I wish him well as he return from The UK. Political opposition isn’t hatred. It is a necessary ingredient of democracy without which the government will soon become dictatorial and take the people for granted.

“I welcome President @MBuhari back to Nigeria from medical trip to UK. I commend him for honestly admitting the reason for his trip to Nigerians despite the sensitivity of the issue and the type of politics we play in Nigeria. Finally, I pray for God to grant him good health.”


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