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We don’t anticipate that everyone should support Biafra agitation – Kanu


Pioneer of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnmadi Kanu on Sunday pledged they are set up to forfeit the last drop of their blood to reestablish Biafra saying he doesn’t expect everyone that bears a Biafran name to help wholeheartedly the move IPOB is making to guarantee that opportunity is reestablished in Igboland.

“We ask the great individuals of Biafra not to be unduly troubled when certain remarks intended to pander to the Fulani Caliphate are articulated by certain people or legislators as we walk callously to our goal which is opportunity for Biafra.

Kanu said in an announcement by his Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful that these misinformed people ought to in this way be felt sorry for instead of censured.

“Our situation against the defective central structures whereupon our British provincial bosses developed the false building Flora Shaw initially named Nigga-region later anglicized to Nigeria by her darling Frederick Luggard must not be permitted to stand.

“It doesn’t make a difference what uninformed neo-pioneer slaves state or do, the Fulani Caliphate will keep on blaming solidarity of Nigeria so as to proceed with their age long outdoors of mass homicide, slaughter and ethnic purging as millions watch on feebly under the pretense of keeping a British frontier item one.”

He stated: “Every individual is qualified for their sentiment about whether to be a free soul or to keep living as the celebrated slave. For us in IPOB, we have decided to be free however we will let those that desire to be oppressed to keep on doing as such till time everlasting. It’s everything about decision.”

He emphasized that “we are not anticipating that each individual should bolster Biafra unsettling as long as we realize that presently 99.9 percent of our kin are on the side of the development IPOB is making towards our mission for Biafra autonomy.

“We are not bothered by the expressions of a couple traded off government officials and their indecent operators, who on account of their longing to satisfy their slave drivers, are ever prepared to disrupt our aggregate intrigue. A million of them can’t stop us in our mission and relentless walk to reestablish Biafra in the most limited conceivable time.”

“We are similarly mindful that Biafran lawmakers serving Nigeria in Abuja and different spots made a vow to be ‘reliable, faithful and legitimate’ to Nigeria which for some of them implies oppressing their kindred residents to the wicked impulses of the caliphate aces in center north. In this way, we anticipate that them should respect their promise a similar route those of us serving Biafra in various limits have vowed to serve her with the last drop of our blood and ensure it appears presently.

“The corrupt explanations from Biafra lawmakers is a support to us since it just serves to start up our assurance to reestablish our lost personality and opportunities. We very comprehend that they are affected by whatever it is their lords taken care of to them yet in time they will all be humiliated or more terrible.

“IPOB is efficient the world over and unequivocally based on an unfaltering stone. Insignificant words can’t change our system nor will it gouge our determination to reestablish Biafra in each fact and trustworthiness. In any case, our affirmation to them is that at long last, they will lament their activities. The moment of retribution is quick drawing closer.”


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