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We Are Not Practising Democracy In Nigeria Because There Is Violation Of Human Rights, Says Islamic Cleric


Outspoken Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gumi has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari over the release of the mugshot of ex governor of Kaduna State, Ramalan Yero, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

The scholar on Thursday stated that the president has lost support in the Southern part of country, and that only the “ignorant North” still supports him.

“I was just shown the photo of former governor of Kaduna State holding card, showing he committed offence.

“This is wrong. We must tell them the truth”, Daily Nigerian quoted him as saying.

“He should have torn the card and fought them. Nothing will happen. Only the court pronounces offence.
“Let me tell you this: The southerners have bidden bye to this administration. It is only you…ignorant (Northerners supporting the administration).

“Even democracy is not in practice as there is violation of human rights.

“If Buhari’s offence were not forgiven, he would not have become president. The people forgave him.
“Let Buhari and (former President) Shagari be put on scale and see who really stole public funds,” Gumi added.


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