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Wanna know if your foundation game is tight? See these pointers


Are you a pro at applying your foundation? Here’s how to know if your makeup game is a 100.



MUA & beauty vlogger Iamdodos shows off a clean beat

Flawless foundation application is key for an overall perfect makeup look.

When the foundation is prepped and blended seamless every other bit glides on perfectly giving an illusion of a picture perfect skin.

Using the right shade of foundation is the first part of getting perfect foundation application right as you have the perfect match between the face and the neck area.

Switch-Cosmetics-Ultra-High-Definition-Skin-FilmCop a foundation that works -like this Switch Cosmetics Ultra High Definition Skin Film- for your shade

(Chinedu Adiele)

A seamless foundation application should be crease free, not settle into fine lines or be patchy or flaky and most importantly should feel and look like your skin- you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between your complexion and your foundation, when those are achieved then you’re on your way to a flawless makeup application.

To know if your foundation game is tight till date, here are pointers:

1. Your face and neck area should match

When your  foundation game is a 100, your face and neck area will be the same colour,  no one would be able to tell where the foundation ‘starts and stops’ meaning from the hairline down to the neck area, the colour is the same. If this is the case, yes you are a pro.

Damilola AdegbiteYour foundation should match your face and neck

2. You shouldn’t have an unflattering undertone

The foundation undertone should flatter your skintone, so where you have a super reddish or yellowish finish setting itself apart from your foundation then you haven’t gotten it. When foundation is too light for your skin for instance it comes off chalky but where you are able to match to perfection and the undertone equally sits well on your skin then you get it.

3. Shouldn’t dry out your skin

Foundation shouldn’t finish off dry, it should sit well on the skin (like skin itself) and hydrating as well. When you nail this, you are a 100!

essentially before applying foundation, moisturize and prime, prepare the skin.

4. Application should be seamless

Finally foundation application should have a seamless coverage meaning when using natural light and even when inside the house there should be no visible harsh lines, every bit should be well blended into the skin.

This is why dabbing and gently pushing foundation into the skin is the best way to apply it. If you scored a 100 on points listed above, then your foundation application game is tight!


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