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Viral live CCTV footage of Offa bank robbery attack (graphic video)


The live CCTV footage of Offa bank robbery attack, that claimed many lives including nine police officers, where 6 commercial banks within the town were robbed with force and cruelty by daredevil and fully armed bandits, has gone viral on the Internet and social media.

In the trending video shared by GoldmyneTv, the alleged armed robbers were seen jumping the gate before shooting at the bank. A woman and her child were seen leaving what looked like the ATM house of a bank when gun-bearing men started shooting sporadically from the major road.

Two men standing by the small house took off immediately they heard the gunshots, while the camera angle did not show what became of the woman and the child she was holding.

After that, three armed men were seen going around seemingly coordinating what next to do. Smoke, which appeared to come from explosives were also seen after a banging noise.

Another explosive was later thrown into what seems like the small building housing the ATM. Then the men went inside and came out.

According to Goldmyne, the CCTV footage is yet to be confirmed by the police as at the time of filing the report.


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