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Viewers react to Nina and Miracle’s reconciliation [Day 73 recap]


Cee-C advises Nina


Alex convinces Nina to talk to Miracle




Nina and Miracle settle and apologize to each other





 Airtel Score for Money Challenge!

Anto i s the ultimate winner, and thanks to Airtel Nigeria, her school earns 800 thousand naira in educational supplies.

Miracle wants to put certain things on hold until after the show


Lolu and Cee-C discuss life after Big Brother Naija

 Twitter reactions

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 Miracle to Nina: that drink has given me hang over before so It feels weird that with all you drank yesterday, you didn’t have any hang over. For someone that doesn’t take alcohol, trust me, it’s very weird.
Me: Nina is a beer parlor girl forming naive bbnaija

I Drag For Tobi ?@idragfortobi
 Tobi to Miracle, Nina, Anto and Alex :it’s not like he’s doing ‘hi’. service
Alex: Tobi it’s not ‘hi’ service, it’s eye service Tobi: sorry eye service,I’ve been talking to Khloe a lot these days ????

My fav ???# TeamTobi #Bbnaija

Princess Cynthia@Cynedwinx
 But Nina should be ashamed sha, so after all those rubbish you said at Miracle’s back and all the names calling you just rush to lie on his chest ? Arise from that chest Nina ??

Don’t cuss me ooo#BBnaija
Cara ??‍✈️✈️✈️@ekiloui
 The cause of Miracle and Nina’s problem is ENGLISH!!!!!!!!! #BBNaij a


G R A C Y@RealKaunda
 after bad mouthing him and insulting him upandan she sneaked into his bed to cuddle because she can’t sleep

Tomorrow she will still say I can’t find my boyfriend in Miracle yen yen

Mtscheeew #BBNaija

 Nina and miracles love fight is like the one I had with Amaka in Jss 2 when she borrowed Emeka’s pencil instead of mine  #BBNaija
kuukua fouillard??@kuukuafouillard
 Mina won’t sail outside????????…Miracle said he’s waiting to see videos I’m forwarding some to ur dm’s now??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️BBnaija

Loveleen ?@leencur
 Miracle’s interview after day 85 will probably be like:

Interviewer: So what is the next step you are taking concerning this Mina situation?

Miracle: did you watch when she said she would rather remain single than date me? Yes/No? True/false?
Vote Miracle to 32052

kuukua fouillard??@kuukuafouillard



Tobi to miracle : I won’t take half of the things Nina does to you.

????? coming from someone they held liberation service for from the kingdom of Cee c #@BBNaija nina

Priscilla . E. Louis@zeeliciousfairy
 This MINA issue is actually a small matter, but Nina is Stubborn and Sensitive, Miracle is Proud and insensitive. Nina should learn to listen and not jump in2 conclusions & Mira should learn to be softer with words, apologize n be more expressive. #BBNaija

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Tobi said women are sentimental as if she isn’t a woman

 The viewers won’t see the fact that everything Tobi & Alex “gossip” about, they also say in front of people faces, unlike your favs

 Tobi, run for your life. Storm away like a tsunami. Like yooh. Don’t look back you’ll turn into salt.

  Awwwww This peck from ATM to Anto is everything.
 The housemates up for possible evictions this week are: Miracle, Lolu, Cee-C, Anto and Khloe.

There are currently eight contestants battling for the 45 million naira grand prize. With 72 days gone, the housemates have 13 more days to spend in the Big Brother Naija house.


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