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US Visit: Hidden Agreement Between Trump And Buhari


At the end of the joint press briefing by President Trump and our own President Buhari, Donald Trump actually delivered the greatest takeaway from the event of yesterday which no one is talking about. As usual our young population whom it should bother most have been carried away by the sensational, engaging in mindless cursing or celebrations depending on which political platform they stand, while allowing such an economy impacting statement to slip by.

Donald Trump had said that the key point of their discussion yesterday was the opening up of trade to allow the inflow of Agricultural Products from the United States into Nigeria. This he stated had previously been impossible. He believes that this move will benefit their farmers first(increased earnings), and will also benefit the people of Nigeria and Africa as a whole(Increased Choppings). The above also Indicates a strategy of penetrating the Africa Market through Nigeria as a key economic player in Africa.

The Impact of this move on Nigeria will be more devastating than productive, I stand to see no economic benefits in this arrangement for Nigeria. We have over the years tried to shut our borders against the importation of common food produce that we can grow here or have alternatives for. Sad thing is that most of these products come at cheap prices that will displace our local farmers and farm produce, with attendant health concerns due to preservatives and pressure on our lean foreign earnings and reserve. Above all, this will rather act as a disincentive to our Agriculture for exportation drive currently gaining momentum in Nigeria.

I stand as a lone voice in the dessert to plead that this policy be rescinded or reviewed to capture the best interest of Nigeria. The African Agricultural Market has been our forte for years now, we can’t afford to loose it to western capitalists, who will spare no efforts in overtaking the continent on its own soil.



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