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Uruguayan Club Fenix Sanctioned After Director Gaston Alegari Kicks Chicken

In this Sunday, March 11, 2018 photo, Fenix first-division club director Gaston Alegari kicks a hen after supporters from his club threw two chickens painted in white and green, the colors of the opponents Racing, on to the field during their league soccer match, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Uruguay’s soccer association decided on Tuesday that Fenix will have to play one match away from their home stadium because of the incident. The incident has also made Alegari a target of criticism from animal rights groups and fans after he violently kicked one of the chickens off the pitch. (AP Photo/Mauricio Castillo)

Uruguayan club Fenix have been sanctioned by the country’s football association after director Gaston Alegari kicked a chicken that was released onto their pitch in Sunday’s defeat to Racing.

The Associated Press (h/t ESPN) provided a translation of Alegari’s apology (posted on Monday):

“I’m sorry for the events that happened yesterday. That’s not my way of acting. The situation of the moment led me to react in an unmeasured and inadequate way. I want to publicly apologise for my actions.”

MailOnline’s Matthew Smith reported the animals were let loose on the pitch and painted in Racing’s colours of white and green, “designed as a jab at the ability and attitude of the Racing players”:

View image on TwitterUruguayan club Fenix forced to play match behind closed doors after fans let two chickens on the pitch

Alegari’s actions also drew the ire of animal rights groups and the club’s supporters.

Racing came away from the clash as 1-0 winners after Nicolas Sosa netted in the 85th minute, leaving Fenix 11th in the Primera Division, just one place above Sunday’s victors on goal difference.

Uruguay’s football authorities have ordered that Fenix play one home fixture away from Estadio Parque Capurro in Montevideo as punishment for the debacle.


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