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Tundun Abiola: I Pray They Dont Kill Nnamdi Kanu same Way They Killed My Father


Tundun Abiola, little girl of late government official and business head honcho, late Chief MKO Abiola has criticized the detainment and torments the Department of State Services (DSS) incurs for the head of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

Ms Abiola likewise asked Nigerians to stop from expressions that could irritate Kanu’s sufferings adding that the Buhari organization was not unique in relation to a tactical system the nation experienced during the 1990s.

Tundun uncovered every one of these during a meeting with AriseTV on Monday while reacting to inquiries on how the supportive of Biafra instigator had been exposed to isolation as uncovered by his attorneys last week.

Tundun, a United Kingdom-prepared legal advisor said, “I have direct insight of this, and everything I can say like this for Nnamdi Kanu is I trust he doesn’t go through this for quite a long time as my dad did. Four long years, that was his (Abiola) reality. What’s more, interestingly, this report came out and would make the central government look terrible.

“Interestingly, they could prevent individuals from seeing him by any stretch of the imagination. He would simply be there without help from anyone else, no entrance even to a specialist, to a legal counselor, unquestionably, no relative there as he goes through this.

“I saw Nnamdi Kanu during his court appearance, as he was attempting to put a fearless face on things. You know men and their pride; he would rather not show it. He would rather not debilitate individuals who truly have faith in him and backing him. He was attempting to look typical yet the thing he’s going through is the specific inverse of ordinary.

“Also, it is really pitiful, here we are in 2021 after my father passed on for majority rule government, we’re actually having this discussion in 2021 of someone being dealt with horrifyingly like a sort of a genuine executioner. Under what conditions would it be advisable for somebody to be dealt with this way?

“I mean truly, Putting somebody in isolation is a sort of torment, placing him in a minuscule cell is a type of torment. I mean this is nauseating.”

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