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Try to leave the Hausa’s alone , they’ve sufficiently experienced, IPOB shouts


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has cautioned crooks marching in the South-East to quit killing Hausa’s in the district.

Uncovering this in an assertion endorsed by Emma Strong, the gathering said the Hausas have experienced like Biafrans, taking note of that the gathering won’t permit anybody to contact Hausa’s once more.

IPOB said that Hausas reserve the option to walk unreservedly and do organizations like some other individual in the district.

The gathering determinedly expressed that the people who killed mother and offspring of Hausa extraction in the beyond couple of days in Anambra ought to sit tight for them.

“We repeat by and by that Hausas have experienced a lot of in the possession of Fulani like Biafrans and we won’t permit any criminal to contact them once more, they are allowed to do their business anyplace they like in our property and the people who killed mother and offspring of Hausa extraction to be prepared and sit tight for us we are coming for them”, the gathering said.

Recently, Kanu requested quick stoppage of the silly killings happening in the South East.

He was cited as saying that that large number of behind the ongoing killings in the South-East should be considered responsible for their abominations, saying that Ndigbo isn’t known for human flesh consumption.

IPOB was responding to the demise of Hon. Okechukwu Okoye, who was decapitated by obscure shooters after he was hijacked.


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