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#TrendAlert: Adire Fabric is making a comeback!


Adire Fabric is making a comeback!

Apart from the Ankara print, the Adire is another fashion staple that is proudly African. And gradually, it is making a comeback into the fashion arena, breaking new grounds.
In case you don’t know, ‘Adire’ is a Yoruba word which when translated means ‘tie and dye’. This fabric is an indigo-dyed cloth made in Southwestern Nigeria by Yoruba women, who use a variety of resist-dyeing techniques.
Interestingly, Nigerian celebrities such Dakore Akande, Juliet Ibrahim and others, are not slacking as they have started embracing this Adire trend. They are seen rocking adire on the red carpets and at events.
The Adire fabric is another versatile clothing that can be styled to suit the wearer whether in the popular ‘iro and buba’, jackets, trousers, ishorts or gowns. It even gets better because the wearer gets to show his/her creative side.
See some celebrities rocking the Adire fabric below

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