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Transport Driver Leaves Carcass At Lagos Park After Killing His Partner


The Body of a Transport Driver was deserted in a Lagos park after he was killed by a partner in the Berger area of Lagos.

The Departed, distinguished exclusively as Wasiu, was affirmed to have been unloaded near the entry of the recreation area.

Wasiu, who utilized the Ishaga-Fagba course, had a showdown with a partner from one more park on Sunday, June 19, and this brought about a battle between them, Punch reports.

An onlooker told the distribution: “Wasiu provoked somebody at the recreation area and went to pick a jug. In any case, when he crushed it on the ground, the wrecked pieces hit the child of a close by liquor vender; the small kid began dying.”

At the point when the child’s dad, distinguished as Ikman, was educated, he purportedly activated his partners and went after Wasiu until he became oblivious.

Another source told the distribution: “Ikman was a dear companion to Wasiu. He likewise drives a business transport utilizing the Berger-Obalende course. Wasiu wouldn’t have kicked the bucket, however Ikman purposely left him oblivious on the floor after the assault with no endeavor to restore him.”

Following Wasiu’s demise, some street transport laborers at the transport park, accepted to be companions of the departed, fought the choice to leave the body at the recreation area, as one of them guaranteed it was an endeavor to embroil them.

In any case, cops from the Ojodu division showed up at the scene to quiet the pressure.

Family members of the departed showed up from Ibadan that Monday morning to make arrangements to remove the body for entombment. In any case, the police opposed the move.

The body was subsequently taken by the police, who were joined by family members of the departed in a truck.

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