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Train Assault: We’ll begin killing snatched travelers in 7 days — Psychological oppressors


Fear based oppressors who grabbed travelers on the Abuja-Kaduna bound train that was gone after on 28th Walk 2022 have encouraged the public authority to deliver their kids supposedly kept in a Yola detainment office.

They took steps to begin killing the travelers in bondage in something like 7 days except if their requests are met

Heads of the fear based oppressors talked on telephone to the representative of Sheik Ahmad Gumi, Malam Tukur Mamu, ‘And Dan Iyan Fika.

In the sound of the discussions between Malam Tukur Mamu and the heads of the fear based oppressors that executed the Abuja-Kaduna train assault, the psychological militants guaranteed that the National Government suspended the resumption of the train administration in light of their dangers,

“The public authority suspended the resumption of the train administration endlessly on account of our dangers and we rehash, on the off chance that our circumstances are not met, the resumption of the train administration is to the inconvenience of the public authority and the travelers”.

“We don’t require cash. We have a valid justification for doing what we did, until our requests are met the casualties will generally not come out alive regardless of whether it implies we as a whole bite the dust with them. They are in capable hands as you can see from the photos we shipped off you through WhatsApp yet we guarantee you that this won’t proceed”.

“We pick you (Tukur Mamu) to pass this significant message on to the public authority, the groups of the people in question and Nigerians overall since we accept you will not adjust our message and we have seen you severally with Sheik Gumi in the backwoods, subsequently, we perceived the dauntlessness in you”.

The head of the fear based oppressors; Abu Barra said that it’s been two months since the snatching and anything can happen to the stole travelers from this time forward.

He made sense of their purposes behind the kidnapping as a reprisal for the capture and confinement of their youngsters by the security organizations.

“Our kids numbering around 8 between the ages of one to seven years are at present being held at a shelter in Jimeta, Adamawa State under the management of the Nigerian Armed force”, he said.

“The names of our kids are; Abdulrahman, Bilkisu, Usman, Ibrahim and Juwairiyyah. They were strongly taken from our spouses in Nasarawa and taken to the halfway house in Yola”.

“For any proceeded with conversation on the arrival of these travelers and a protected resumption of the train administration, our kids should be delivered unequivocally. Really at that time we will deliver a portion of the kidnapped casualties, particularly the ladies while different travelers will be delivered on a detainee trade with a portion of our captured companions by the public authority, he proceeded.

Abu Barra said that the photos of the travelers they sent before, were among a portion of the photos they shipped off the discussion group of the public authority as verification of the prosperity of the people in question. They said from that point forward the public authority had been dreary.”

“Barra said they chose to come to a GSM empowered area with one of the female casualties to converse with Malam Mamu and as an affirmation of their cases. Mamu said he could hear her cries with an extremely soft tone that presumably shows weariness begging him to kindly converse with the public authority for their sake for a quick intercession on their delivery.”

That’s what he undermined, on the off chance that in the span of seven days the public authority doesn’t answer their requests, they will quit taking care of the people in question and will begin butchering them in a steady progression and on the off chance that the public authority doesn’t answer from that point forward, then, at that point, Nigerians ought to neglect utilizing the Abuja-Kaduna rail line as well as the Kaduna-Abuja high way.

“On the off chance that the public authority chose not to answer so be it. We are cautioning Nigerians, particularly those that are disparaging the train that in the event that this matter isn’t settled calmly, the day they chose to go after us or do anything entertaining, travelers or workers ought to neglect to utilize the train or follow the Abuja-Kaduna street since we will be steady and they can’t stop us. We accept that you will convey this message for what it’s worth”, he said.

“Consequently, we depend on you and asked you to pass this significant message on to everybody”, Abu Barra said.

Malam Tukur Mamu answered that he figures out the dilemma of the public authority in settling the kidnapping quandary however stated that each dependable government will investigate saving guiltless travelers’ lives and make difficult trade offs where fundamental regardless of whether it’s against the arrangement of the organization.

Malam Mamu then made sense of that detainee trade with realized crooks on issues of public interest is a worldwide practice and has occurred in many created nations like the US.

He focused on the need to stay away from any tactical activity that will prompt blow-back and the deficiency of blameless lives.

“Things are looking up for us, the public authority should comprehend that they are managing people with an off track philosophy and corrupted strict conviction. These individuals are not terrified of death, they appear to accept that they are saints when they bite the dust. It will be a significant misstep to delicately take this danger. I accept an open door has been made as far as we’re concerned to investigate to save the existences of those honest casualties.

For my purposes, assuming these blameless will recover their opportunity in view of my contribution and given that will prompt relative harmony and security on our expressways and rail lines I wouldn’t see any problems assuming I kick the bucket simultaneously. We should acknowledge the way that security alone on the Abuja-Kadunvictima parkways stays more delicate than any other time and the arrangement isn’t militarily alone, particularly in a nation where looming assaults can barely be directed and halted”, he said.


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