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Those who are rejoicing over Nigerians leaders Illness with Coronavirus don’t worry your turn is coming – APC Govs Says


The Director-General, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Progressive Governors Forum (PGF), Salihu Moh. Lukman, has lamented that Nigerians expressing joy over government officials affected by Coronavirus pandemic is a confirmation of loss of humanity in the country.

According to him; “Given how disappointed we are with our leaders, and against the background of Covid-19 world pandemic, how can we be positive? What does positivity even mean? Could it suggest being uncritical and supportive of everything our leaders do?
“Individuals would have different views about what being positive should mean, which could be blinded by our deep-seated anger against our leaders. Unfortunately, our leaders have also developed a corresponding mindset that almost equate every critical opinion as hostile.

“As a result, we are witnessing expressions of joy when our leaders are infected by Covid-19 virus. And our leaders are also not open to public suggestions and recommendations. It is virtually a case of establishing a negative equilibrium, which negate all possible engagements between our leaders and citizens on how best to respond to the policy challenge that Covid-19 posed to the nation.

“All these only exposes the sad reality that as a people we have lost our humanity. Once our humanity is lost, our capacity to respond to challenges such as the one posed by Covid-19 can only be weak. Chances are that we will be responding to citizens infected by the virus almost as if they are the virus such that could mean stigmatising the patient.

“It does not matter what the relationship is. Our angry mode against each other will continue to take away the best of our human side. Issues of developing our healthcare services to be able to respond to the challenges are at best reduced to evaluating governmental actions or lack of it,” he noted.


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