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These 5 celebrities version of Igwe 2pac’s ‘Accolades’ video will make you laugh


Charles Okocha also aka Igwe 2Pac unleashed a movement on social media which has taken everyone by storm.

Even Igwe 2Pac we are sure, didn’t know he was about to start a movement when he released the now famous ‘Accolades‘ video.

Everyone has keyed into it because of its hilarious nature and deep sensitive meaning. Our Nigerian celebrities haven’t been left out as some of them have come out to release their own version of the video. Here are videos of five celebrities who have joined the ‘Accolades’ movement.

We all know how funny Don Jazzy can be when he releases his short clips on Instagram, so when he decided to release his own version of the now famous ‘Accolades’ video, he got everyone laughing. Even though he claimed to be the famous hypeman in the video, his facial expression killed it all through the video.

2. Kanayo O. Kanayo

This has got to be the most relaxed ‘Accolades’ video you’d ever see. When it’s coming from the one and only Kanayo O. Kanayo, then you should expect so much class from the video. In his own version of the famous video, Kanayo didn’t have to run around the streets shouting “I need some accolades,” to buttress his point,  but we enjoyed every bit of it, thumbs up KOK!

3. Tobi (BBNaija)

We won’t blame Tobi for joining the ‘Accolades’ movement after staying away from social media for over 80 days at the BBNaija house. Tobi’s own remake of the video was very hilarious, natural and got so many views online. He probably knew this video would not only continue to make him game more popularity but also so much love from teeming fans.

4. Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus turned 40 a few days ago and decided to celebrate her birthday in style by showing us that she too can be funny and deserves some accolades too. She might not have been as funny as the original creator of the now famous video but she aced the video like a pro. Yes at 40 and being a successful actress, Stella deserves every accolade she wants.

5. D’banj

Even superstar, D’banj got caught in the ‘Accolades’ movement as he shared a video of himself on his Instagram page where in his usual frisky manner, run around and screaming “I deserve some accolades.” We love D’banj and anything he does comes out in style and class.


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