There’s Bloody Islamisation Plot To Capture, Enslave Igboland – Says ADF, A Pan-Igbo Group


In a communiqué made know to the SaharaReporters, the ADF said: “There is an agenda of a bloody Islamisation and jihad to conquer, occupy, take over and enslave Alaigbo and elsewhere in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

A pan-Igbo group, the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF),open up and raise alarm that there are serious plans by some powerful interests to conquer, occupy and enslave the Igbo people in Nigeria.

The socio-cultural-political group at an emergency meeting of a “consultative caucus of concerned pan-Igbo” organizations on Friday said to met and discuse the issues at hand“grave and urgent importance that threaten the peace, development and security situation in Alaigbo and everywhere they are in the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

Recently, the Formal General and Ex President Olusegun Obasanjo had cry out to the public on this issues “Fulanisation” of the country but the Presidency refuse to listen to him.

The ADF, whose ideal is to rebuilding and development of the Igbo nation and the rebirth, advancing the spirit of its culture and civilization ask Igbo people not to be taken unawares.

“Ndigbo should do everything within there power to protect themselves, their wives, children and their ancestral land,” which was signed by Prof Uzodinma Nwala, ADF President, Prof. Nath Aniekwu, ADF Secretary, and eight other leaders of various Ndigbo groups.

He said that teher should be a joint-committee of pan-organizations and ready for a memorandum in regard of the alert. The Igbos in Nigeria and all over the world on peace, development, and security of “Alaigbo”.

The ADF also said that we are also working tirelessly on getting all collaborator in South-east, including the government and traditional rulers to pursue a common goal in the interest of the survival of the Igbos.

As part of its approaches to deal with the alleged existential threat, the group stated further that it would make efforts worldwide so that all Igbo people liaise with “the patriotic pan-Igbo organizations” to ensure that needed resources in “Alaigbo help all the patriotic forces” engaged in the struggle for Igbo liberating and security.

The Igbos group did not, however, ignore working with other nations, urging its people to “seek possible working relationship with other nationalities to make sure the collective defence of their territories from the jihadists”.