There is no doubt at All,Buhari is a killer not a leader.–Galadima


its obvious that Buhari administration is the worse i ever see. he never had the people in mind as a leader.i blame people that voted for him because they don’t know the kind of person he his.During the first administration of Buhari a lot of Nigerian suffer to level of begging for food.

Now the first four years was hectic everybody complain no food,no Money. the man in the Aso Rock is not qualifier to rule this great Country.

I said this before that, the man in Aso Rock is not the person they voted for as Nigeria President.

During the time of Good-luck Jonathan Administration, Buhari said he will make his administration unbearable for him.kidnapping,killing and so on.the number of people that died in Buhari administration is double of what happen in Good-luck Jonathan Administration.

When you see a leader you will know.By their fruit we shall know them.This one is a killer not a leader.

Under cross-examination by President Buhari’s counsel, Wole Olanipekun asked Galadima if he was convinced that President Buhari was qualified to run the initial four times he contested the presidential election and Galadima answered in the affirmative.

When asked why he fell out with the President and why he thought the president was not qualified to run, Galadima said he is a fighter against injustice and he felt the president was not qualified again because of bad governance.

According to him, he has nothing personal against President Buhari but against bad governance.

This Ruga agenda is a scam by the Buhari Government.