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There are unanswered questions how Kanu got to Isreal.


There are unanswered questions how Kanu got to Isreal because Abia and Umuahia are by no means border State or town. While it could be easy for someone in Borno or Lagos to slip across the border to neighbouring countries, it is not so with Abia. If there is a manhunt for someone in Abia as the Nigerian Army did searching for Kanu, there is zero chance the person will slip away, except maybe helped by internal military sabotage or as we hope is not the case, MOSSAD. Internal military sabotage would not happen because the manhunt for Kanu was a direct order by the President to commanders of Northern extraction who hate what Kanu stood for.

Could it be that Kanu was bluffing that he was helped by MOSSAD? But who else could have helped him escape a combined team of Army, Navy, Airforce, DSS, NIA, Customs and immigration? I would say the argument of a bluff does not hold any water unless the Nigerian government exposes a sabotage within the Army or the DSS.


MOSSAD has gained notoriety of invading other countries to pick up or kill heads of other states or Isreal’s Enemies. MOSSAD in well documented instances infiltrated developed countries like the United States, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Ireland, Malta, Norway , Serbia, Switzerland, Soviet Union/Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, New Zealand etc. Other cases of infiltration of less developed countries like India, Pakistan, North Korea, Uganda, UAE, Syria, Lebanon etc are also well documented. MOSSAD has gained efficiency and Effectiveness over the years to be able to evacuate Kanu without trace


I cannot say for sure what caused the Isrealis to develop soft spot for the Igbos, but it must be noted that they(Isreal) were the only developed country to openly throw technical support for Biafra during the civil war. Their support was however limited because Isreal between 1964-1970 while the Biafran war lasted were engaged in Three different wars. Who knows what what have happened if Isreal had no such distract as three wars.


Isreal have fought alot of wars and have won all of them. They have some of the finest war capabilities only superior by the United States. It must be noted that in the 6 days war, Syria used Russias war equipment, but was defeated by Isreal in just 6 days. Isreal are Nuclear weapon capable(though they still maintain policy of deliberate ambiguity over it). If Kanu is not bluffing and have the support of Isreal, one can only wonder what he means by ”hell”


Unlike in the 1960s when Russia, America supported Britain to lend support to Nigera over Biafra in the war, Britain can now never go against Israel and America for their own sakes. Now, Britain can never support a muslim majority over a Christian Majority.


If Isreal supports Kanu as is the case, because no one can enter Isreal without passports as they have assured borders because they are surrounded by Enemies. Nigeria should be sensible and not fight to hold back Biafra in a war, because this time, Nigeria may lose heavily in only six days. All this is if Israel supports Kanu. If in six months, Israel does not deport Kanu who is clearly in Jerusalem, just know that Israel is clearly backing Kanu to achieve Biafra. Ominous times, really Ominous.

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  1. Fortune Laurence says

    All I know today is the God of Israel does not sleep nor slumber. As it is, Israel should be proud that they have gotten a faraway brother or sister nation state called that looks upto Israel with respect and honour. What else would a country wish than to a have relationship made in heaven with younger vibrant and dynamic with such a promising future. Amazing Grace for Biafra! Not yet born but her future is already bright.

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