Business is booming.

The number of kidnappings in Enugu communities is increasing as people leave their homes.


The capturing and fresh insight about unpleasant grabbing of the people of Enugu State have taken an aspect unbelievable throughout the entire existence of Igboland.
One crazy woman made a video of a weird helicopter dropping bizarre men. She was criticized. Police went for her.
Another report came before long, and no one regarded.
Today, Ozala/Nvene/Ebia/Udi, all of same hub are under attack.
Someone is hijacked consistently.
A fortnight back, it was Ugwogo/Ekwegbe/Creations pivot.
Soon,they will move to other areas, before they dive on town occupants.
At Ezeagu, three days prior, they were said to have gone from one house to another, demanding to be displayed to the homes of people who were rich and who could pay strong payment.
As of late, a gathering had demanded the expulsion of the Commissioner of Police and the General Officer Commanding.
Nothing has been finished.
Be that as it may, I ask, did the last Nigeria – Biafra war take with it the remainder of the people with liver in Igbo land?
Or on the other hand have the leftovers surrendered to the drive to suck from the stock of advantaged consideration in Nigeria?
The last time I paid attention to the ESN, it said that it’s mandate was to send criminal Sahelians from the brambles in Igbo land.
Can anyone say whether they are still occupied with ousting the vermin imported from North African nations?
Assuming they will be, they would be wise to act now.
This danger is genuine.
And it is ready to get to all.
Today, a web-based cut available for use, gave subtleties of the police headquarters where these criminals are quartered.
Valid or misleading, I have no chance of finding out.
We really need assistance now!”


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