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The Magic Of Sour Sop


Sour sop is known as Guyabano in some countries. This magical fruit is found in warmer tropical countries.

Did you know that sour sop can kill cancer cells? Yes! This miracle fruit is one of a kind, not only the fruit, but also the other parts of the tree can be used as an ingredient to kill cancer cells.

Because of its vitamin C contents, sour sop can also boost your immune system, which is your shield to some unwanted disease. It can also prevent UTI or urinary tract infection. Vitamin C increases the urine’s acidity and reduces the bacteria’s presence.

For those who are constipated and have digestion problems and some colon related diseases, here is a good dessert for you. Sour sop can prevent constipation because of its fiber content which is essential for overall health of the digestive system.

Its leaves are rich in sugar, thiamine and potassium which are all essential nutrients in boosting our body’s energy. It is also a good cure for some skin infections like acne, scars, inflammations and other skin problems.

You need to crush the leaves and apply it to the infected area of the skin.

Sour sop also helps increase our body’s good cholesterol level. This fruit is also good for people with less of healthy red blood cells or anemia because of its iron content.

Sour sop might surely help you with some health conditions. But still, healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle is better to prevent those from happening.

Better not having any sickness than end up looking for a sour sop when it’s not always around.


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