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The government of Anambra prohibits female students from donning short skirts


The Anambra State Government has put a restriction on the wearing of smaller than usual length outfits in schools across the state.

The state Magistrate for Education, Prof. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh spread the word about this during a gathering with Instruction Secretaries of public and mission schools held at ASUBEB hall, Awka, throughout the end of the week.

The Magistrate delivered her disappointment on what she saw as “the developing pattern of putting on smaller than normal length garbs (skirts/outfits) in schools.

As per her, “it conflicts with the adequate clothing standard for schools in the state.”

Prof Chuma-Udeh brought up that an understudy ought to look savvy, very much prepped, project inspirational tones and not be obscenely dressed for school.

Knee length, the Magistrate noted, stays the satisfactory length for school outfits in the state, not over the knee.

She said, “You are the establishment. You control the early stages of the kids.

“Allow us to mix the right ethics and discipline in understudies so they develop to be normal people, showing them there is another side to life

“In the event that we neglect to get it right at this stage, we have neglected to safeguard the fate of the kids.”

Tribune Online accumulated that the Chief met with Schooling Secretaries from all the 21 Gathering regions to talk about the way forward for the area as the following scholarly meeting starts on September 19, 2022.


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