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The Fight for Biafra is not Based on Niger Delta Oil,But the freedom of our People – Maiyegun, Yoruba Born Activist


By Maiyegun General 
Biafrans voted in a Referendum to leave Nigeria on 26th May, 1967. Four days later, the administrator of Eastern Region at the time, Ojukwu declared Biafra independence;  Gowon the honcho head of the northern military government moved the tanks into the Eastern Nigeria after all resolutions to get Biafrans back to Nigeria failed – 5million killed.

How many of you knew there was actually a Referendum for Biafra in 1967 and nearly 100% of the people voted to leave? They didn’t want them to leave because of the Niger Delta crude oil.

Well, it was due to the killings of Igbos in Kano and North after the 1966 Gowon coup that things finally broke down. The Igbos returned to the east for safety and then a year later, voted en mass to leave Nigeria, like reasonable people should, the animal Gowon moved the tanks and killed 5million in 3 years, including women and children.

Awolowo was Nigeria’s finance minister, Obasanjo was there and that coward Murtala that killed unarmed men in Asaba and children when Nigerian army he led called people to come out of their hiding, that the war was over and when the civilians came out, men were separated and executed right there – their women raped and killed too.

These guys didn’t remove history from Nigerians schools for no reason, they are criminals and history will never be kind to them
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