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The Eve This might be the most colourful Nollywood film you’ll see in 2018


Except your home is located under a huge rock, you must have heard the noise about Tosin Igho‘s The Eve and probably wondered what all the fuss is about. Well, that fuss is not for nothing. The Eve is easily the most colourful and beautifully shot film coming out of Nollywood in 2018.

And it is not just the picture that is amazing and full of life. The choice of cast involves beautiful actors who are pleasing to the eye. Mawuli Gavor, Beverly Naya, Hauwa Allahbura, Meg Otanwa, Efa Iwara, Kunle Remi, and the lead, Adeolu Adefarasin are all actors who are fan-favourites. John Okafor brings his humour into this one. His combination with Ronke Oshodi is one to watch out for.

The EveThe Eve

But let’s leave the cast alone for a moment.

At a time when the yearnings of the typical Nollywood audience has drifted towards the romantic comedy genre, The Eve delivers much more than just romance and comedy. It adds a couple beautiful twists in the mix. Tunde Babalola, Tosin Igho and Martin Adieze combine to try to cook an uncommon dish with this.

Talking about Igho, his is a name that might not be very familiar in the minds of the typical film audience in Nigeria. But regular entertainment fans will know him as one who has been playing in the music video waters for several years. Igho has directed videos for D’banj, Terry G, Faze, Yung L, Aramide and Sammie Okposo, a wealth of experience that is no doubt evident in the kind of pictorial stories this film tells.

Despite not being the quickest name to come to mind in filmmaking, Igho does well for his rising reputation in the industry with The Eve. Nigerian films haven’t been great with sound production in the past few years but this film does very well on that front.

Music in The Eve is great and the film can easily pass for a musical. You will be forgiven for asking for the acapella renditions to appear more frequently than it did. That is how good the renditions and the production are

Beverly Naya interprets her role of the forward, saucy, talkative girlfriend who is about to marry the good guy. He role is one of the numerous comic points in the film. There is also the Reverend Father played by Femi Durojaiye. Iwara also brings his comedy A-game to the fore here and he even almost takes the shine off the other actors whenever they appeared together in a scene.

Mawuli Gavor’s performance as the one-minute-man is also quite commendable and the chemistry that later develops between Adefarasin and Otanwa, despite it having the capacity to have been better, is also worthy of gaining a positive recognition.

It’s not a perfect film though and the twist in the plot does not drop until some of the film has strolled by. A few more days in the writers’ room would have made the story even sharper than it turns out to be.

But this does not make the film any poor.

Expect this film to dominate the cinemas for the next few months.


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