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THE CONTINUING RATE at which NNAMDI KANU is Abusing Nigeria and The Rest of Us Has Gone Beyond Normal.–Frederick Odorige


THE CONTINUING RATE at which the NNAMDI KANU is abusing the rest of us has gone beyond normal. He continues to cross the line. This baseless pomposity is absolutely unacceptable. We are not the government and we did not cause the problems in Nigeria. We are equally angry at bad governance.
Nobody is a monopolist of derogatory insults. Insulting the same oppressed persons is not a strategy to fight for your biafra. You have a right to fight for your biafra but you have no right under the sun to rain abuses at us. I am a Niger Deltan and a Nigerian.
If you know Nnamdi Kanu, warn him.
I repeat, warn him!! If he wish to be respected, he must learn to respect others. We would have won together long ago if love, respect and cooperation replaced hate.
He must put a final full stop to this arrant nonsense and focus on his biafra fight. The time has come to publicly reply him. No tribe or ideology is superior to another.
Quote me.

Frederick Odorige.

post by Easton Chidoka facebook acount.


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