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“The Coming Of Biafra has collapsed the walls of Nigeria” – Biafra Activist



Biafrans are the illuminous and unquenchable light that has the irresistible potency to eliminate every shade of darkness that has over the years, characterised the entire continent of Africa. This is the only light that can restore the much needed peace, prosperity and unity that have thus far eluded this all important continent of the world.

We are Biafrans and it is only the unfettered, full and total restoration of the nation of Biafra, which indisputably, is the pride of the African continent that can bring her back to the path of success and glory.

Biafrans who are ostensibly the children of the Rising Sun, exceptionally recognized, ordained and separated to flourish like the palm tree remain wholesomely watered by God Almighty Himself, the Creator of the entire universe.

The restoration of the nation of Biafra, will definitely and unmistakably, send an undeniably proven evidence to the world that we are the true lost tribe of Israel stationed here in Africa by divinity. Our faith will most assuredly, bring us back to our land of Canaan. A land where flows, milk and honey, and filled with abundant human cum natural resources. There is absolutely no other place in the spread of the universe, where a golden and specially blessed land like Biafra can be discovered.

Despite all these glorious prospects, we have remained slaves in our land. We are often maligned and intimidated for being blessed by the Almighty God. The issue of Biafra and Nigeria, is like that of Cane and Abel in the Holy Bible. We must never ever prevaricate because the LORD GOD Himself has given us his mouthpiece. And this Prophet of His, in the mould of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the firm supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, has variously, irresistibly and very courageously, declared God’s counsel despite the damning antics and shenanigans of our enemies. We must certainly pull through to the end and victoriously too, with shouts of joy. We will emerge unscathedly, the winners, marching gloriously, into our promise land.

The gruesome killings, victimizations, illegitimate abductions, incarcerations and maimings being persistently meted out against Biafrans, can never deter us from the just cause of exercising our rights to self determination, with it’s fruit almost being made manifest.

The Nigerian government with her beguiled and compromised media henchmen should understand that Biafra is a spirit which can never be caged nor defeated through the instrumentality or machinations of mortal beings.

Oh yes! Biafrans, be courageously urged on for the “walls of Jericho” under the grip of Muhammadu Buhari have already come down in shreds and soonest, we shall sing the Lord’s song in our own land.

Long live Biafra!

Written by Sunday Okafor
For Family Writers Press

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press


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