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Tekno: Singer releases ‘Jogodo’ video


Tekno has released the video to his single, Jogodo.

The video was released on May 10, 2018.

According to OayAfrica, “Jogodo is the latest in a string of singles dropped by Tekno over the last two years. He announced earlier this year that his long-anticipated EP is currently in the works, and we’re definitely down to hear more tracks like ‘Jogodo’ from him.”

Tekno: Singer releases ‘Jogodo’ video_1
Tekno releases ‘Jogodo’ video (LIB)

 No permission

Mountain Black and Mad Melon recently called Tekno out for not getting permission to sample their classic record, ‘Kpolongo’.

Judging by the singer’s latest post on Instagram with the Danfo Drvers, the matter seems to have been resolved.


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