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SIT-AT-HOME:Amnesty int,Warn Nigeria Security Operatives Against Use of Weapon,Vows to be a Ground to Monitor The Ceremony.


Thebiafrastar- Amnesty international has warned Nigeria Security agencies using force on Baifra activist come today 30 of may, scheduled for biafra day.

According to the report that we got bu our media, this statement was passed to the public notice and mainly to the Nigeria Police,Solders,Airfore, Civil defense and Navy through Amnesty International twitter handle.

Statement read:”we urge the Nigeria security agencies to conduct themselves in a manner that will ensure public order without resorting to force.

Amnesty international further stated that they have put everything in place to eneble them monitor the Biafra Heroes Day Celebration effectively, urging the Biafra Agitator to conduct themselves peacefully.


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