SHOCKING VIDEO: Buba Galadima releases APC top secrets, calls Buhari the most corrupt Nigerian president


Buba Galadima believe to be once a strong allie to President Muhammadu Buhari until he says enough is enough. Galadima made a move by joining Atiku Abubakar’s campaign team the PDP presidential candidate and unleashed attack on Buhari.

 Buba Galadima is one among top Nigerian politicians who has publicly declared that a president Nigerians believe is upright and has zero integrity.

According to Buba Galadima, Muhammadu Buhari is a cripple leader, incapable of leading Nigeria forward or out of corruption.

“We know of his friends who were bankrupt before 2015. We know of his relatives who took N2,000 transport money from us to go to Kaduna. Today, they are multibillionaires. They have assets all over the world. They have estates all over the world.”

Galadima who challenge Buhari APC to produce the addresses of those they claimed they have shared Abacha loots to adding that APC governmnt will share 1million Naira and will lie to Nigerians that they shared $1 million.

Buhari has no intergrity if he does then he would have arrested the most corrupt politicians hiding under the party of APC which he knows that adding that charity begins at home.

APC are going to rig the election and Nigerians will not accept any result been announce by Buhari’s relative Amina becuase this part of the game he is trying to play to rig the election Galadima says.