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SHOCKING! The End Has Come, IPOB May Never Overcome These? (FULL DETAILS)


The Biafra Nation nation has been going through severe rift as the leader of the IPOB nation is a serious rift with a former militant leader, both contending for power amongst the IPOB nation.

Biafra Nation Youth League has declared his stand in the fight between the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu and the leader of a former militant group, Asari Dokubo.

Daily Post Nigeria

This was contained in a statement released on Tuesday by the Deputy Leader of the BNYL and Director of Operations, Biafra Broadcasting Service, BBS TV,

Ebuta Ogar Tako, that the Eastern nation should not lose focus of the Biafra nation as it is more realistic than ever.

As regards the fight between Nnamdi Kanu and Asri Dokubo, the Biafra Nation Youth League has accused the

Dakubo of raising his brow against the IPOB leader, as he’s not the leader and wants to be commanding as the leader.

A member of the group said he has chosen to be mute watching and waiting if maybe they would come up with a solution

for the liberation of the party and the people of Biafra but he said that some people just enjoyed fighting like market women for their voice to be heard.

He said that those who have nothing to offer in the Biafra struggle should not distract the movement.

He added, “I think it is time to stop blaming and seek a way forward, to us, Kanu is just one man doing what he knows best.

“He doesn’t own Biafra neither is he commanding other groups, I don’t buy into most of his ideologies.

“But I don’t waste my time emphasising on the issue of his strategies because I am not perfect neither are we BNYL perfect.

“Some people have formed it as a habit to quarrel like market women just for their noise-making to be heard,

I had waited patiently waiting for many of them to provide a solution to the freedom of our people.”

Takon, an Ejagham native of Etung-Cameroon border town, in Cross River State, disclosed reasons he has been mute since this year.

“I went on a low key when because I was so disappointed by my Igbo colleagues abandoned the struggle for Vice Presidential slot,

many of them left the struggle while some were on the fence, it shows they were not actually fighting for liberation.

“No through freedom fighter will abandon his struggle for political benefits, Nigeria has nothing to offer us,

Nnamdi Kanu

and because Peter Obi who was recommended by Jonathan whom the north detest, and pushed out, and because he is an Igbo, a Biafran they ganged up with INEC to rig PDP out.”


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