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Serious war will kick off if, APC Rigs the Election come 2019 – Junaid Muhammed Warns Buhari

Second Republic lawmaker and politician, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, has warned that there would be trouble if the ruling All Progressives Congress rigged the 2019 Presidential election in favour of incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that Nigerians will no longer tolerate the administration’s misrule.
In an exclusive interview with THISDAY on Wednesday, the prominent northern politician also argued that it would be against the run of play if President Buhari was re-elected next year.
He said: “It is against national interest, common sense, and rationality for Buhari to stand for election and get the kind of crowd that he got in Kano. Tell me one good thing Buhari has done for this country?”
When asked what the next four years would be like if Buhari was re-elected, the vocal critic of the APC-led government stated: “There are a number of scenarios. One scenario is possibly that he may not contest the election. If he’s selected as the anointed presidential candidate of his party and he didn’t win the election, it would be rigged in his favour – and if that happens, I want to assure you that from the day they announced the election results, until the end of the four years, there would be no peace in this country. If the APC government went ahead to rig 2019 elections, there would be trouble. I cannot tell you the nature of the trouble.” 
Mohammed added that with growing insecurity, grinding poverty, and corruption in high places, the president did not deserve a second term.
“Buhari cannot win 2019 election on the basis of performance. Buhari has ruined the national economy; he has messed up the national security; he has lied through his teeth about integrity by promoting and supporting people who have no gravitas –those who’re related to him that have become billionaires overnight. On what basis did they become overnight billionaires? Simple: on the basis that they are related to him. Buhari cannot win a free and fair election in 2019. I challenge Buhari to tell me one thing he has done for this country. If he got re-elected, it might be because of tribal sentiments or geopolitical sentiments,” he pointed out.  
According to Mohammed, Buhari is a glorified President under the control of a group of people and whose anti-corruption war is designed to make his relatives and friends rich.
“I will describe him as thoroughly incompetent. He has (always) been clueless. He is out of touch with reality. This President cannot do anything without the power of the group that has a stranglehold on him. He doesn’t have any strength intellectually. The people he surrounds himself with are only looking after themselves. We’re in very serious trouble because of a man who is timid – a glorified President who cannot explain himself well,” the former lawmaker claimed.
Referring to Bola Tinubu’s sarcastic award of a gold medal for corruption to former President Goodluck Jonathan, the fiery politician said: “Talking about the gold medal award for corruption to Jonathan, I think he richly deserved that. It is nothing but sarcasm and of course, Tinubu has a tremendous sense of humour. So, if he sarcastically gave gold medal to Jonathan, I don’t know what he’ll be willing to give Buhari… because Buhari and his people have perfected corruption more than any previous administrations in the country. I will award Buhari platinum (in corruption) because it is higher than gold. I’ll offer him platinum.”

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