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Schools Across Biafra Land Finally Obeys Sit-At-Home Order on 30th May, Calls For total Shutdown Of Schools


“Jubilation In Biafra Land As Schools Joins To Obey Sit-At-Home Order Come 30th May”

By Engr Chukwuebuka Slimkas

Good thing is good, as a saying goes and Biafra is a party to that, 30th of may is a very good, respected and significant day in Biafra’s history which every Biafra being is subjected to, With this, there is jubilation in whole Biafra land as schools, company’s and other firms across Biafra nation is to be in a total rock-down in commemoration to Biafra fallen hero’s/heroins day

Some higher institutions within the towns of Enugu have canceled their schedules ongoing Semester exam and other school activities with respect to Biafra Hero’s/Heroins remembrance day and that is a call for emulation in other parts of Biafra land, we urge all schools, markets,private/commercial transport, banks, hospitals, other firms which have not make any effect on this directive are hereby enjoined to follow suit as there will be no movement across Biafra land, the zoo will try as much as they can to manipulate it but as we all know that failure is their identity, Ohaneze and other paid agents may try to, but we promise, they will kick bucket..

This Jubilation is a call to celebration of Biafra’s emergence and to be steadfast in the campaign of Biafra’s forth coming Referendum election..

God bless Biafra
God bless Nnamdi Kanu
All hail Biafra

Media: Umuchiukwu_Writers


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