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ROAD SAFETY STRIKES AGAIN!! See how this man lost his mind after unfortunate encounter in Delta State(Video)


A bus driver decided that his only option for pity or mercy was to strip naked as he got intercepted by road safety officers along Asaba-Benin expressway, opposite St. Brigids junction, Asaba. The road safety officials seized his vehicle and he got upset and started to scream, drawing a lot of attention.

Bus Driver Completely Naked

He took off his clothing and sat astride one of the doors to the road safety officers’ Hilux. All the efforts by the road safety officers to calm him down were futile.

Bus Driver Went Completely Naked

This resulted into a heavy traffic along the express road and attracted passersby to the scene. Expressing their thoughts over the matter, they said road safety officers have been terrorizing Asabafor some time now, most especially along the Asaba-Benin expressway.

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After fruitless efforts to pacify him and sensing that passersby are getting agitated to fire back at them, the road safety officers invited SARS over to defuse tension.

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When SARS arrived, the bus driver went straight to the middle of the road and laid flat on his back. This time he was murmuring that they should just kill him. After a long time, the case was later resolved and the traffic reduced.

Watch the video below…

This is not the first time that citizens have had to go to extreme lengths to save themselves. One fateful thursday morning, sometime last year, in Alausa area of Lagos State as an illegal taxi operator stripped Unclad and solicited the interventions of other drivers and passers-by.

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According to the official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority who arrested him for breach of traffic law, the man had parked at the roundabout near the Environment Ministry, ignoring a ‘No parking’ order. The dramatic driver had parked his car, soliciting for passengers when the LASTMA official approached him.

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The official, who would not be named, said immediately the driver sighted him, he jumped into his car and sped off, but he (LASTMA official) caught up with him shortly before he reached the underground tunnel leading to Magodo on the right and the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to the left. The man drove a Volkswagen Gulf with Lagos number plate KJA 841 BS.

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Immediately the driver saw that he had been cornered, he jumped out of the car and quickly took off his clothes, starting with his trousers and underpants, and then a blue T-shirt. Completely Unclad, he used the T-shirt to cover his genitals in front area, leaving his backside exposed as he ran through the traffic that had started to build up.

Image result for Drama As Driver Strips Unclad To Escape Arrest In Lagos (Photo)

He approached drivers from all sides, each of whom sped off, thinking he was a rabidly mad man. Passers-by were not spared from his antics as he begged them to help him out. As he ran helter-skelter trying to evade arrest, he kept shouting in Yoruba:“I want to die! I have begged all day to no avail! “Drivers, please run over me! Save me! My child is on admission in the General Hospital! “I’m completely frustrated! Someone gave me this car to operate so that I could pay my debts. “Please, deliver me… Have mercy on me..!


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