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Rivers Fear Fuel Shortage as Marketers Ban Product Stealing


Long lines are going to get back to filling stations in Waterways State, under 90 days after the last public crisis.

This follows the suspension of the lifting of petroleum from stops in the state by free advertisers and proprietors of filling stations over charges of badgering by security specialists.

The oil based commodities sellers say the security specialists, containing men of the Nigerian Armed force, Police, and Nigeria Security and Common Guard Corps are being utilized by a few acclaimed officials of their associations to implement the installment of an unlawful duty of N15,000 per advertiser in confidential stations and tank ranches.

At a joint preparation in Port Harcourt, the Free Oil Advertisers Relationship of Nigeria (IPMAN) and the Petrol Retail Outlets Proprietors Relationship of Nigeria (PETROAN) cautioned that the shortage, as would be considered normal in a couple of day’s time, will heighten to different pieces of the country as comparable protests are being gotten from different states.

The Six Division of the Nigerian Armed force and Nigeria Security and Common Safeguard Corps (NSCDC) have denied sending their people for such an activity.

The NSCDC representative in Waterways State, Olufemi Ayodele, said the order is prepared to manage any official who arrogates such liability to himself particularly when the counter miscreant unit of the Corps has been disbanded.

In the mean time, the police are yet to answer the charge.


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