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REVEALED:Terrorists Plan to Set On Redemption Camp on Fire, Winners, Mosques – Akintoye


Unmistakable Yoruba pioneer, Prof. Banji Akintoye, cautioned South-West Governors that psychological militants have encircled the area, on Wednesday.

The head of Ilana Omo Oodua, in a letter sent to the lead representatives, noticed that the psychological militants are prepared to strike any second from now.

Prof Akintoye unveiled this in an assertion delivered on Wednesday through his media associate, Maxwell Adeleye.

He further expressed that the criminals have plans to assault significant spots to wreck the area’s economy.

Akintoye additionally cautioned that General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye; Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners’ Chapel; and other church and Islamic pioneers to shield their places of worship and mosques from being assaulted.

He likewise approached Yoruba adolescents to be more watchful and forestall the convergence of fear mongers into the district.

Akinyoye said, “A mix of Fulani psychological oppressors, Boko Haram and ISIS, have involved Niger State, which is promptly north of Yorubaland, in this manner accommodating themselves simple access into Yorubaland through the Yoruba parts of Kwara and Kogi states.”

“At that point as of late, the US gave an explanation that ISIS had penetrated Southern Nigeria from the ocean, implying that the shoreline of Lagos, Ogun and Ondo states have been invaded.”

“Our circumstance has in this manner become urgent and requires frantic activities from our state lead representatives. I feel obliged to give a lot of thoughtfulness regarding the investigation of our Yoruba country’s changes in these horrendous occasions and from such examinations, I am therefore raising an educated alert to the lead representatives regarding our states.”

“I unassumingly and energetically ask our lead representatives to meet up to give the required reaction to the peril that takes steps to overwhelm Yorubaland in, most presumably, the following not many days.”

“It is very notable that the mark activity of these unfamiliar psychological militant associations is to initially annihilate conspicuous resources of the general public that they assault. That could imply that significant public and private structures in Lagos and Ibadan, especially the massively representative Cocoa House in Ibadan, would be their quick targets.”

“Proprietors and overseers of huge buildings in Yorubaland are firmly encouraged to set up imposing security for their structures. These incorporate scaffolds, significant public and private structures, temples and such famous church domains as the Redeemed, Winners, Deeper Life, Mountain of Fire Church camps and the novel Synagogue working of the Synagogue Church, everything being equal, and surprisingly our most lofty focal mosque structures in Lagos, Ibadan and our different urban communities.”


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