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REVEALED:Nnamdi Kanu said that Nigeria is a den of thief’s Citizens, Leaders criticize him but that is just the truth,I am fully in support of him.–Gov Bello


“This is how pathetic governance in Nigeria the great British Zoo in Africa has been reduced to. Lies upon lies, deception upon deception. Now it has been firmly established that Jubril’s broadcast was not live but recorded, not from any known location within Aso Rock but from a location far from it, how long will Nigerians endure these humiliating lies and international disgrace? Is there any sensible being out there still in doubt that the man millions of Nigerians have been deceived into calling Buhari is indeed a 45 year old Sudanese actor recruited and paid by ABBA KYARI to act like the dead Buhari.

“Nigeria is not a country but a den of thieves, deceivers, the gullible and reprobates. Let them keep recording fake videos and editing pictures, we are here waiting to dissect and expose them,” he said on Monday.

Last week, the president’s refusal to address the country’s citizens about the coronavirus pandemic sparked outrage among outspoken Nigerians, including an Australian Islamic scholar, Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, who described the president as “an enabler of terrorism” and a “terrorist”.

There are a lot of lies, politics about COVID-19, I will not play with that. I will not play with my people’s life or pretend and steal money because of this so-called pandemic. Please, stay safe.

“I’m good, strong, hale and hearty. If COVID-19 comes to Kogi State, you have a governor who will combat and defeat the idiot.

“I can assure you, 90 percent noise about COVID-19 is political and economic financial material thing,” the governor disclosed.


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