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REVEALED:Fulani People Brainwashed To Think All Of Nigeria Belongs To Them—Prof Akintoye


Well known Yoruba history specialist, Professor Banji Akintoye has clarified why he is in the battle for the actualisation of the autonomy of the Yoruba Nation.

Akintoye, who is the head of Ilana Omo Oodua, the umbrella body for Yoruba self-assurance gatherings, said his battles for the actualisation of the Oduduwa country was required by the need to save his kin from their misery.

Akintoye, who was a congressperson in the Second Republic expressed this in a virtual gathering with Dele Momodu’s Ovation Media on Wednesday night.

He talked about how herders were not rough in years past.

He said, “The herders were not brutal nor were they dangerous however the ones that have been sent since 2014 have been purposely inculcated and engaged to proceed to hurt individuals, as workers of a way of thinking that says ‘That we, Fulani, Allah has given us Nigeria and the entirety of Nigeria and it is our obligation to drive individuals off their territory and take the land’.

“That is the thing that we have been having, individuals call them herders however when I came and discovered individuals in Afenifere gatherings speaking interminably about the threat, I closed we need to discover what’s going on. We explored the emergency, I composed a paper, I think a day and a half, I went all over Nigeria attempting to comprehend and afterward I went to nations in West Africa, inside and outside Nigeria.

“I addressed Fulani people in places like Yewa, I addressed Fulani people in Upper Senegal and the Gambia in West Africa. Some famous people among the Fulani political elites concluded that the awful circumstance among the Fulani was a chance to release them as heroes against the remainder of Nigeria thus they were inculcated, intensely influenced to accept that God (Allah) has offered Nigeria to the Fulani and that that the Fulani should have simply held onto the land forcibly and that is the thing that we are encountering.

“One Aliu Gwazo wrote in January 2014, ‘In 1960, Allah through the British, gave us Nigeria to run and to do with however we see fit. We have been doing that since 1960 and we wish to proceed and in the event that anyone attempts to stop us, we will murder, mangle and obliterate and go Nigeria to the bloodiest disaster area in Africa’. That is the thing that they are doing, guaranteeing and attempting to accomplish.

“I was on the assignment of the individuals who visited Benue State Governor when the Fulani public came in huge number on January 1, 2018, they composed a letter to him, ‘Mr Governor, I see that you and your kin are grieving and they do mass entombments however what’s going on is a tad bit of what is coming to you and your offense before us is that your ethnic gatherings in your state accept that the land they are living on is theirs in light of the fact that they have been on it for millennia yet the land isn’t theirs, it has a place with us Fulanis and Allah has offered it to us and we will take it forcibly we have collected the cash and weapon for the fight. Also, we will keep battling for many years if that is the thing that it will take and we are not discussing the ethnic gatherings in your state alone however all over Nigeria, the Yoruba, Igbo, Kanuri and nothing can stop us and in the event that you figure the FG can secure you, you are misleading yourselves’.

“That is what’s going on; saying it is a conflict among ranchers and herders, is clearly false, it isn’t truth. At the point when I returned to Nigeria, I was away for a very long time, I never figured I would return to Nigeria. At the point when I returned 2015, I discovered our kin amidst all these. I approached addressing individuals that Yoruba is an extraordinary country.”

The educator likewise talked on why races ought not hold in the southwest district, he said, “The more we hold races under the 1999 constitution, the more we drag out our misery. The Fulani raiders are disclosing to us that they are in Southern Nigeria, Yoruba land, Igbo land, wherever on the grounds that the constitution permits that, so the more we hold races under 1999 constitution, the more we drag out our torment.

“I’m sure that on the off chance that it goes to a choice or some kind of casting a ballot, the Yoruba public will say in an extremely vast lion’s share that they don’t need political decision in their piece of Nigeria and those in the East and Middle Belt are saying something similar and take a gander at it, South and the Middle Belt represent 3/4 of the number of inhabitants in Nigeria so this isn’t the subject of the minority.

“In our sort of circumstance, it is reasonable to fall back on what different identities have turned to. Numerous identities that have attempted to lead their political race like the Catalonians in Spain, similar to the Scots in Britain. We figure it is smarter to convince the United Nations to come and run our choice, a similar way they did it in Sudan, I accept we can complete that.

“It is the pressing factor from 3/4 of the country that will squeeze the United Nations to run it, individuals running the nation may not need it yet the 66% will place such measure of pressing factor on the planet that a many individuals will concur with them and that will add up to a decision on the United Nations that will approve the UN to intervene. Process and method to expect as far as self-assurance

“We are setting up in an extremely solid manner, the hands of some significant individuals from this administration, basically significant individuals from the security chamber in this matter, we may likewise be going to court over certain pieces of the battle all set up to cause a circumstance where there will be no uncertainty that the United Nations needs to mediate.

“Joined Nations doesn’t decide to mediate in any circumstance all alone, the circumstance compresses the UN to intercede in any case thus we will be utilizing that information definitely.”

Talking on how some Yoruba lawmakers are purportedly getting ready for the 2023 decisions, Akintoye said, “They are heating up and there is nothing amiss with that except for they will before long find they will hit a stone very soon.”

The antiquarian added that the Yoruba country should be accomplished as there could be no other option in contrast to that.

“Yoruba should have their own country in light of a legitimate concern for mankind so they can bring improvement, flourishing and advancement to their kin once more, and I accept that it is a similar kind of deduction among the Igbo, Middle Belt and individuals of the South-South. There is no extensive alternative that will fulfill the mankind that we are trying to fulfill.”


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