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Rep Member Rejects Wike’s SUV Gift, Asks Governor To Repair Abandoned Roads


A member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Chisom Promise Dike, has asked Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, to keep his car gift and repair the long abandoned roads in his constituency.

Governor Wike had presented a gift of SUV Jeeps to all members of the National Assembly from the state.

But Chisom Dike declined the offer, citing the poor state of the roads in his constituency which have became an eyesore.

The Rep member, who is from Oyigbo Local Government, said roads in the area are in decrepit state and asked for government intervention to rehabilitate the roads.

He appealed to the governor to look into his plea and construct Oyigbo roads.

Speaking after the occasion, Mr Mayor Ubani, an indigene of the affected LGA commended the Rep member:
“I appreciate and
commend this gesture as words are few to extend my humble thanks to him for speaking up for us.

“The Governor has abandoned and forsaken the Oyigbo People and have just prioritize the development of his LGA and it’s environ as Paramount”.


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