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POLICE BRIBE;COVID-19: Nigeria Police Destroys food Items in Lagos Market over failure to settled them(video)


A video Trending online shows the moment some Nigeria Police officials were destroying peoples Goods in Lagos amid Coronavirus Hunger.

Recall that Buhari extended the Coronavirus LockDown for another 14 days, therefore people are allowed to go to market from 10 am to 2pm.

Despite the Hunger in the Country, Nigerian Police men are destroying food stuffs and other perishable Food Items.

A Nigerian Rapper, Rugged Man who shared the Video wrote: “Dear Police, it seems your officers will die if they pretend to have human compassion? God bless them and may they be rewarded in kind. They must change.”

According to Reports, the incident took place at mushin bus stop Odi Olowo local Government, beside Access bank, Lagos.

Nigerians Reacts on Twitter:

@UNLIMITEDdjbas: This is mushin bus stop Odi Olowo local Gov beside Access bank plz . Help us out bcs of the DPO Olosan police station always call him self Gbakoje Always disturb the Area, Corruption DPO.

@TowbieBanks: There’s a gap in Police and that’s TRAINING. Teach your officers the way of dialogue before carrying out their duties on unharmed citizens who just want to feed themselves.

@heights2020: Don’t mind those fools, that’s why many of them don’t end well, imagine how ruthless and annoying they were treating those market women, I wonder how people would survive if those market women didn’t open@ all, Police officers sometimes behave like an animal.

@strict: But food market is exempted from lockdown. Don’t they brief this people? Which kind wickedness is this?

@basmus4real: It’s unfortunate members of the Police behave as if they never passed through school. What happens to the ethics of the profession? . And by the way, why are people moving freely without hindrance? Why is it wrong for this pepper seller to sell when people can move freely?

@Adegbo: This is supposed to be food exempted from the lockdown? Should people die of hunger too because they are on lockdown? Does it seem your officers only hear ‘go’ and have no sense of responsibility?

@Soetanmelodies: But I thought people selling food stuff are allowed to be out at from a particular time. Chai I feel for those people.


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