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PDP in Rivers State Cannot Function Without Me in 2023, Wike Declares


Lead representative Nyesom Wike has said that the People Democratic Party (PDP) can’t manage without him assuming the party looks to get gigantic help in Rivers State.

Wike who expressed this on Friday at a media visit in Port Harcour, demanded that the PDP can’t flaunt doing its fair share in Rivers State, without him assuming his part as a lead representative cherished by his kin.

“You can manage without me I concur, however to say you will manage without me in this state (Rivers), it won’t be imaginable,” Wike pronounced.

The lead representative further attested that miserable the people are pulling the line of disagreement in the PDP are the individuals who seldom offer whatever could be of some value.

Wike’s remarks are not detached with the push to eliminate the PDP Public Administrator, Congressperson Iyorchia Ayu. A reason which the Rivers State lead representative says became basic, seeing that no southerner possesses any of the main three situations in the PDP.

In the lead representative’s viewpoint, the emergency shaking the PDP right now, just recommends to Nigerians that the party can’t be relied upon in front of the 2023 races.

Wike said the pride which compromises the tranquility of the party right now, may be its destruction when Nigerians head back to the surveys.

“We have not won political race we are excessively pompous, we have not won political race and we are telling Nigerians look you can’t believe us, we say a certain something and we do something else,” Wike declared.

Talking further on the issue undermining the harmony inside PDP, Wike said it is miserable that no southerner possesses any of the three top situations inside the party.

He added that the seed of disunity was planted when the PDP disregarded the drafting recipe which would have seen a Southern competitor arise as official flagbearer.

As respects the way forward, Lead representative Wike expressed that penances and compromises should be made for PDP to win the political race.

That’s what he emphasized however he probably won’t be significant as some have recommended in specific quarters, the PDP can not do its fair share inside the south without the help of a lead representative such as himself.

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