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Ondo will purchase an AK-47 for Amotekun-Akedolu after the FG approved it for the Katsina outfit.


Ondo Lead representative Rotimi Akeredolu has assailed the Federal Legislature of Nigeria, noticing that the nation can’t have two frameworks.

In an explanation on Thursday, Akeredolu responded to the video showing the Katsina security outfit getting the endorsement to remain battle ready.

The lead representative said this followed government’s disavowal of the Western Nigeria Security Organization (Amotekun Corps) to convey attack rifles in spite of dread assaults.

Akeredolu noticed that denying Amotekun the privileges to genuinely remain battle ready is a disavowal of the premise of genuine federalism which we have been clamoring for.

“That Katsina had the option to arm its state security force, with the presentation of AK47 implies we are chasing after one country, two frameworks answer for the public inquiry.

“Assuming that the Katsina circumstance presenting benefits on some, despite normally confronted existential dangers, it implies that our unitary policing framework, which has fizzled, is an intentional technique for oppression which should be challenged.”

The lead representative said Nigeria’s freedom understanding depended on a democratic game plan to have a federal state and declined inner security mechanics. We should return to that arrangement.

He added that denying Amotekun the option to remain battle ready opens the Southwest to dangerous pirates and coordinated wrongdoing.

“It is likewise a conscious obliteration of our farming area. It is an existential danger. We need to repeat, that what is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.”

The assertion declared that the Ondo government, under the regulation of need, “have chosen to satisfy its lawful, sacred and moral obligation to the residents of the State, by procuring arms to safeguard them”.

“This is all the more thus, considering that the criminals have an uncontrolled admittance to complex weapons. The State government can’t look on while its residents are being threatened and killed without risk of punishment. We will shield our kin.”

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