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Okorocha Loses Properties Worth Millions Of Naira To Imo Govt


A State High Court in Owerri has requested the last relinquishment of certain properties having a place with Senator Rochas Okorocha and different individuals from his family.

The relinquished properties are contained in pages 226 to 272 of the Imo state Government white paper report by a Judicial Commission of Enquiry on Recovery of Lands and other related issue.

As per the decision by Justice Fred Njemanze, who was sitting as an excursion judge, Okorocha’s guidance neglected to give concrete and obvious reasons why a last and supreme relinquishment request ought not be given for the Imo state government.

Equity Njemanze added that the suit recorded against the Imo government by Okorocha’s insight was not appropriately documented.

Equity Njemanze kept up with that the white paper journal by the Imo government is a legitimate restricting report.

The appointed authority inferred that there was no substantial explanation before it why the relinquishment ought not be made outright and last, subsequently the Imo government can feel free to do whatever it considers fit to do with the properties.

Concerning people who may have made buys on such properties, Justice Njamanze said they are at freedom to move toward the court to demonstrate their titles.

Notwithstanding, the appointed authority requested that the properties starting today be gotten back to the Imo government.


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