OGONI CRISIS: Military has declared War On Us — Ogoni Youths


The Ogoni Youth Federation has condemned in strongest terms the attempt on life, and unwarranted invasion of the residence of one of Rivers State leading lights, quintessential and consummate gentleman, Hon. Lesi Maol by the Nigerian Army with the aim of assassinating him.

In a letter sent Signed by the President of the Ogoni Youths Federation (OYC), Comrade Yamaabana Legborsi states that: “on Thursday 7th Match, 2019 men from Nigerian Army stormed the private residence of Hon. Lesi Maol, elder brother to the PDP candidate of Gokana costituency for the Rivers State House of Assembly, in an attempt to secretly whisked him away or assassinate him but unfortunate for them he was not at home, two of his personal aides, Emma Kpopie and Dornu Nadah were taken away and released on 13th Match, 2019, money worth about seven million naira was stolen from his residence and valuable properties destroyed.”

Ogoni Youths viewed the above actions as a deliberate declaration of war.

“However, let it be on record that if anything happens to Hon. Lesi Maol, his aides or any member of his family, the Ogoni Nation will take steps that will not be convenient to the Nigerian Nation.